Article 1:


race conditions / general rules

1. All competitors must be 18 years old. Under age competitors may participate at the
race only if accompanied by a responsible major person that assumes liability for the under age competitor or if the under age competitors have a written permission of their parents or

2. The person accompanying the under age competitor signs a liability statement by which he/she accepts liability for the minor.

3. All competitors by signing their registration are by default considered to be
consent to competing at one's own risk and that they
are familiar with all rules of the race which they are going to follow for
their own safety as well as for the safety of other competitors. Finally,
competitors are aware of the potential risks that this race includes.

4. All competitors by signing their registration renounce to the possibility of
transferring any responsibility to the organizer or any other person.

5. The race organizers aren't responsible for any damage to competitor's equipment,
lost or stolen stuff during the race.

6. All competitors participating in the race must have a valid health insurance.

Article 2:
Categories and final standings

1. On the trekking race Brtonigla 2013. competitors can choose
between three categories: Ultra (longer course), Mountain (middle course), and
Fun Run (shorter course).

2. Final ranking on the race is divided to the three categories Ultra, Mountain, and Fun and Run.

3. In all categories total ranking is divided for male and female competitors.

Article 3: Timing

Timing starts with the starting signal and terminates after the finish line is crossed.
The race organizer is the official timekeeper.
The time schedule for reaching check points and the finish line is defined in the instructions
Arriving at the checkpoint, or finish line, after the time limit, leads to a disqualification or a competitor has to follow shorter course, if the organizer specified so in the instructions.

Article 4.: Overcoming the track

Competitors have to confirm all checkpoints in numerical order from the first to the last, if the organizer does not expressly permit the opposite.

Article 5: race

Registration: on-line on our website.
Registration is limited by an entry date deadline.
No registrations will be accepted after the deadline.
Registration for the race is valid if the competitor pays the entry fee prior to the deadline set by the organizer.

Article 6: Entry fee

Entry fee payment is possible only by payment to the
bank account of the organizer, except in exceptional cases if the
organizer decides otherwise.
If a competitor doesn't
pay the fee by the deadline set by the organizer, registration will not be
valid. A competitor will not figure in the final list of competitors and
will not be able to participate in the race.
If a competitor withdraws
from the race after paing his fee, he will receive a 50% refund of the
price but ONLY if a ompetitor
withdraws from a competition before deadline set by the organizer and
personaly informs the organizer about it.
If a competitor withdraws from a competition after deadline set by the organizer, entry fee is not refundable.

Article 7: Prizes

Ultra – the first three
classified in male and female category – medals, sponsor's' prizes, and
cash prizes.
Mountaineering – the first
three classified in male and female category – medals and sponsor's prizes
Fun and Run - the first
three classified in male and female category – medals and sponsor's prizes

Article 8: Mandatory

Ultra and Mountaineering
category ( Fun and Run category has no required equipment)

- Compass

- Head lamp

- Mobile phone

- First Aid kit and Astro Foil

- Whistle

The organizer reserves
the rights to check all the mandatory equipment of all competitors at any
moment during the race.

GPS with maps is NOT ALLOWED!

Article 9: Required

Competitors must have the following documents (or their copies):

a) Identity card

b) A valid health insurance card.

Article 10:
Disqualification rules

Competitors will be disqualified for not obeying, ignoring, or denying the racing rules.
Competitors will be disqualified for breaking the written instruction for the race.
Any unsporting behaviour that jeopardizes or endangers the reputation of the race or damages private or organizator property.
Inability to continue the race for any reason.
Taking forbidden routes, forbidden equipment, and receiving assistance from persons not taking part in the competition.
The use of any means of transport will result in the disqualification of competitor and prohibition of competing in the next race.
Reaching the checkpoint, or finish line, after the time limit.

Article 11: Time penalties

For each missing part of
mandatory personal equipment, a competitor will receive 30 minutes
If a competitor receives
a time penalty, it will be added on the end of the race..
The organizer is the only
person authorized to decide about the finishing time of a competitor, his
eventual disqualification and/or adding the penalty.

Article 12: Withdrawal

A competitor may withdraw
at any point of the race.
A competitor MUST inform the organizer about
The organizer provides
help and possible necessary medical assistance for competitors who

Article 13:
Environmental policy

Competitors are forbidden to light fires,
pollute the environment and to destroy surrounding flora and fauna during
the race.
Competitors are not allowed to dispose of their
trash; they must carry it to the finish line. Everything packed at the starting
line, competitors must have at the finish.
It is forbidden to dispose of trash in mountain
huts or any other facilities between the start and finish line of the
For any
breach of these regulations, the competitor will be disqualified, and
banned from future races.

Article 14: Safety

Competitors must have
all mandatory equipment required by the organizers.
Competitors must have all
necessary documents specified by the organizer.
Competitors must comply
with all written and spoken instructions from the organizer.
Competitors must comply
with the rules stated in the Rules and regulations document.
In case of an accident,
competitors who find themselves in the vicinity of an injured competitor must
provide aid to competitors in distress.
The organizer does not
guarantee a quick rescue of injured competitor because of possible remote
terrain, or unfavorable weather conditions.
The organizer reserves
the right to suspend the race if he considers that it could endanger the
safety of competitors and the race itself.
Calling for help by: blinking,
whistling, shouting (6 times per minute/ every 10 sec.), followed by a 1 minute pause, then another repetition of 6 times per minute. Those who spot or hear the signals respond by
giving signals 3 times per minute (every 20 seconds). After a 1 minute pause the response is repeated until the one who called for help does not stop giving signs.

Article 15: Course changes

The organizer reserves the right to change the order of checkpoints and to shorten
duration and length of the race in the case of adverse
weather conditions or if the safety of competitors is compromised.

Article 16:
Complaints and appeals

All complaints and
appeals must be submitted to the organizer in writing form after the end
of the competition, within 24 hours.
The organizer has to respond to complaints and
appeals at the latest 2 days after receiving the


Article 17: Media privacy statement

All competitors by competing in the competition
are considered to agree that the organizer can use all film and photographic
materials for public use and promotion purposes and held complete rights.
The organizer reserves
the right to use, copy and distribute all recorded video and photo